“We use strategic processes, systems, tools, and an eager workforce dedicated to making a positive economic, environmental, and social impact on the sustainable future of Africa.”
- Quality Assurance Team, MMD

MMD guarantees the safety, sustainability, and security of its product based on the awareness of potential demands placed on TMT® rebars and merchant bars in the construction industry. For this reason, MMD is committed to consistently meeting international standard requirements (ISO certified) and exceeding customer expectations through every stage of the manufacturing process.

MMD uses TMT® (Thermo Mechanically-Treated) technology to manufacture high-tensile strength rebars through heating and cooling stages that create a combination of micro-structural features in the cross section of the rebars. All rebars are 'hot rolled' before entering these three stages:

MMD process

THE MMD GUARANTEE: MMD’s team of Quality Assurance professionals conduct checks at each stage of the manufacturing process. In addition, the experienced leadership team’s solid track record for building, operating, and monitoring state-of-the-art production facilities, and providing strong cost management through an existing supply chain, assures customers who seek reliability and high-quality.

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MMD takes pride in offering a high-quality import substitute at a competitive price – locally produced for local consumption.”