MMD has an operating culture founded on the philosophy to: “Be ethical, be transparent, exceed standards and expectations of our customers, and maintain consistent workplace health and safety practices that foster cohesive teamwork, leadership opportunities and work ethics.”


To engage in responsible and challenging manufacturing activities means MMD is poised to deliver excellence on a local and national scale. To become more familiar with the needs of the community means MMD is empowered with the knowledge to improve, produce, and change for the sustainable future of the country.

By contributing to the country’s rapidly developing infrastructure MMD eliminates a dependence on imported rebars and merchant bars. Support for the growing construction industry, a reduction in environmental pollution, a boost in the local economy, and employment for over

2,000 Nationals seeking financial stability promotes a widespread sense of pride. Domestic production secures a sustainable future for all and strengthens our involvement as your partner in steel.


Work with a company that:

A. has a long-term approach

B. provides the highest standards, quality and experience,

serving as a role model for other companies

C. aims to build relationships, not just sell a product


MMD plays an important role in setting the bar for being an industry leader, thus helping others to raise their game and standard to compete. By encouraging dialogue, MMD works together to build synergies and partnerships that enable collective growth.

Employee Testimonials

“As the first female employed at this production facility, I have benefitted greatly from my experience here by developing and practicing my management skills in accounting. Along with my team, we have fulfilled project goals through strategic information sharing and planning, and through an efficient reporting system. Our performance growth has led to greater success and the opportunity to provide employment to others so they too can succeed.”

– Beatrice Nyiraneza, Administration and Finance, SteelRwa Industries Ltd. Kigali, Rwanda

“I have been with Fameco since January 2007. The training and work experience I have received has helped me to stabilize my family life. I am proud to see my children studying in primary, secondary, and university level schooling, and to realize my dream to build my house. I am grateful to Fameco for helping me build my future.”

– Sylvain Kwete-Kwete, Induction Furnace Operator, Fabrimetal Congo, Kinshasa, DRC

“I took on a new challenge in the area of HR and got extensive experience. After three years of working at Fabrimetal, we had several improvements in the HR sector. We continue to improve our work and achieve our goal for company growth.”

– João Osório, HR Director, Fabrimetal, Luanda, Angola

“Over the years, I have seen our company grow and become a major smelter in West Africa thanks to the production of quality steel bars that meet international standards. I am grateful for the chance to collaborate with others and deepen my skills and knowledge. Thank you!”

– Lamine Dabo, Quality Control, IMAFER SA, Bamako, Mali

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MMD takes pride in offering a high-quality import substitute at a competitive price – locally produced for local consumption.”