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“We strive to consistently develop a strong brand without compromising the quality and standard of our products. As dynamic and progressive market leaders, we embrace that traditional company vision and blend it with new ideas, state-of-the-art technology, and an empowered workforce. Together we have a social responsibility to continue achieving excellence, industry respect, and a positive impact on our environment, our people, and our future.”
– Chairman, MMD

MMD is a privately-owned steel manufacturing company committed to sustainable, safe, and self-sufficient steel production in Africa. As the leading manufacturer of TMT® rebars, high-quality thermo mechanically-treated steel reinforcement bars, and merchant bars, MMD’s products are used to construct residential, commercial, industrial, and civil structures. Using a wealth of industry experience, innovative technologies and methods, and a local workforce.
MMD contributes greatly to economic growth and welfare across sub-Saharan Africa.

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MMD contributes to the country’s rapidly developing infrastructure by eliminating a dependence on imported rebars and merchant bars. Using strategic processes, proven systems, precision tools, and an eager workforce, MMD produces quality steel products and puts safety, sustainability, security, and international standards at the forefront. Given the company’s deep awareness of the potential demands placed on TMT® rebars and merchant bars, MMD remains the top supplier for the local construction industry.
MMD – Positively impacting the local economy. Minimizing the carbon footprint. Promoting a skilled local workforce in Africa.

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The opportunity to help communities, regions, and countries is a privilege. MMD builds a sustainable livelihood for the people of Africa by recruiting, training, and empowering local workers at our manufacturing facilities in the DRC, Angola, Rwanda, Mali, and Gabon. Our operating culture is founded on the philosophy to: “Be ethical, be transparent, exceed standards and expectations of our customers, and maintain consistent workplace health and safety practices that foster cohesive teamwork, leadership opportunities and work ethics.”
MMD – Employing professionals committed to excellence. Empowering people to build a future.

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MMD takes pride in offering a high-quality import substitute at a competitive price – locally produced for local consumption.”